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​​​​​​Join over 180 organizations in fostering the advancement of waste prevention and the circular economy in Canada.

Why become a NZWC member?

Council members can:

  • connect with a growing, nation-wide stakeholder network developing new solutions to address waste prevention and advance a circular economy;
  • access webinars, workshops, and dialogues to discuss emerging topics and learn about best practices;
  • help shape the direction of waste prevention in Canada;
  • be involved in research, policy and other initiatives to advance best practices and develop strategies related to waste prevention and the circular economy;  
  • attend the AGM and Members Forum featuring international and national experts and thought leaders;
  • participate in national working groups and strategic waste-prevention initiatives;  
  • help shape the Council work plan;   
  • show support for waste prevention and the responsible use of resources in a circular economy;
  • receive a reciprocal link on the Council website.

Who can become a member?

Council membership is open to:

  • local, provincial, federal or territorial government entities;
  • businesses or business organizations which are incorporated or have been in business for three years;
  • other public or academic entities.

Members must support the guiding principles, mission and vision of the National Zero Waste Council, be advancing waste prevention through the work of their own organization, and be available to contribute to the work agenda of the Council.

Apply for Membership

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