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Circular Economy Business Luncheon

Tuesday November 15, 2016 11:45am to 1:30pm
Edmonton City Hall - Heritage Room - 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta


The National Zero Waste Council, the City of Edmonton and the Recycling Council of Alberta are pleased to invite you to a circular economy business luncheon on Tuesday November 15th. Is your business keen to reduce waste and boost efficiency? Or close loops in production, and tap into new markets in the fast-emerging circular economy? Attend this event to learn how the circular economy can help your business stay competitive in a changing marketplace.

Across the globe, businesses are accelerating their competitive advantage by adopting circular economy approaches. The circular economy looks at how we can better use resources and eliminate waste in the design, production and use of goods, and is gaining traction for its potential for value creation, innovation and job creation.

Prominent Corporate Social Responsibility expert, Coro Strandberg, will walk through the National Zero Waste Council's recently launched Circular Economy Business Toolkit, sharing tips for incorporating circular approaches into business strategy, design innovation and stakeholder engagement.

Businesses large and small across a variety of sectors will gain valuable insights from this interactive networking session, including how to get involved and connect with peers at a national level through the National Zero Waste Council. The National Zero Waste Council brings together governments, businesses, and non-government organizations across Canada with an interest in developing new solutions to prevent waste and advance a circular economy.



Moderator: Christina Seidel, Board Member, National Zero Waste Council, and Executive Director, Recycling Council of Alberta

11:45 am Networking lunch
12:15 pm Opening Remarks
  • Chris Ward, City of Edmonton
  • Christina Seidel, Recycling Council of Alberta and National Zero Waste Council
12:30 pm Keynote Presentation and Discussion
1:30 pm Session Close


National Zero Waste Council Recycling Councils of Alberta City of Edmonton

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