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Supporting Circular Food Systems in Nova Scotia: Virtual Workshop

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Date: April 12, 2023, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm AST

Businesses, governments, community organizations, and all involved in the mainland Nova Scotia food value chain are invited to our upcoming virtual workshop. Attendees will network, connect, and co-create a vision for how a Nova Scotia circular food system may develop. Please join us if you are interested in connecting with others in Nova Scotia and across Canada to reduce food waste and integrate circular economy principles into your practices and activities.

This workshop kicks off the first step of the new Circular Food Hubs: Mainland Nova Scotia project. The National Zero Waste Council, in collaboration with Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad (COIL), Halifax Regional Municipality, Halifax Food Policy Alliance, and others is leading support for the development of food hubs in mainland Nova Scotia that integrate circularity and food loss and waste (FLW) prevention.


  • Keynote: Dr. Tammara Soma, Research Director and Co-Founder of the Food Systems Lab at Simon Fraser University
  • Erin Nichols, City of Vancouver, Circular Food Innovation Lab
  • Jonathan Rodrigue, CEO, Still Good
  • Rebecca Tran, Managing Partner, The Station Food Hub



5-step project designed by COIL to support the evolution of circular food hubs

Circular Food Hubs: Mainland Nova Scotia uses a 5-step project designed by COIL to support the evolution of circular food hubs. It uses a peer-to-peer learning approach, where participants connect with those leading similar innovations elsewhere in Canada, as well as local Nova Scotian leaders interested in pursuing food waste prevention and circularity. The mainland Nova Scotia project supports the evolution of an Atlantic-coast circular food hub anchor that is place-based, yet contributes to the emergence of a circular, Canada-wide food system. Trailblazing food system innovation is happening in Nova Scotia, supported by governments, businesses, and community organizations. The first workshop is intended to introduce participants to the project and begin building a Nova Scotia circular food network.

A circular economy for food prevents food waste, redistributes surplus edible food to people who need it, and facilitates inedible food by-products and human waste becoming inputs for new products. Circular food hubs support the co-location of food supply chain activities so that a circular food system can grow.

NZWC and collaborators

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